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QEP Training

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Learning and Changing Together

Making Our Thinking Visible, overview 2.                                           Becki and Gary's To Do List


Seek first to understand, then to be understood.  -- Steven Covey

It's not about doing things right. It's about doing the right things. -- Peter Drucker


Input Mirror for Content Portfolio - Introduction

Input Mirror for Content Portfolio - Module I

Input Mirror for Content Portfolio - Module II - See http://dlpcentral.us/indexmod2qa.html/ for a more up to date version (though very much in a raw form).

Mindset Resources List

Input Mirror for Content Portfolio - Module III - including Choosing a Thinking Routine

Input Mirror for Content Portfolio - Module IV

Images and PDFs

          Dimensions of Learning Power (The Language)


    Invitation to C & L Module I ... that goes out to people telling them what to do (very sparse)

          Content: a movie trailer in which you are introducing what is to come ... 

Our SLO: Changing and Learning


        Possible Questions to Which This Article (script1 above) is The Answer

                Can we help students recognize that they can improve their abilities? And can we do even more?

                Can people learn, change, and grow -- really?

                         Can we provide our students with significant learning experiences so that their lives will truly change while they're with us?

Grow Your Own Intelligence Prezi

Guy Claxton: Learning to Learn: a Key Goal in a 1st Century Curriculum (the article)

     Possible Questions to Which This Article is The Answer 

                         Is learning learnable? 

                         Should we put as much energy into helping students become learners as we put into helping them become knowers? 

                         Is learning to learn more than just learning a few tricks? 

                         Why change what we’re doing?

                         Can attention to the process of learning help students become life long learners?

                         Can we help students become people who believe that learning itself is learnable? And that they can be real learners?

                          What is learning to learn? And why should we give attention to it? (my choice, I think)

                          Is learning to learn more than learning a few techniques and mastering a few new skills? 

    Hybrid Work:

          Drafts and Possible Inclusions for Module I

                Changing and Learning I  (Learnable Intelligence)

                Q and A with Excerpts and Videos (GD) ... already in the Participants Content Portfolio

                David Perkins: Learning As Knowing Your Way Around the Neighborhood 

                The Four Stations - Ruth Deakin Crick. The full article.

          Participants Content Portfolio

    Face to Face Reflection Sessions

           Map of the Land of Learning: Learning Our Way Around

           Content x,y, & z  

 Near the End: George Saunders Commencement Address 

Between C&L I and II  

Invitation to C & L Module II        

Changing and Learning II  (Mindsets)

Between C&L II and III    

Invitation to C & L Module III

      Hybrid Work:  

           The ABC's of Learning and Teaching with Learning Power

                 Possible Questions to Which This Article is The Answer

                       What is Learning and Teaching with Learning Power Like? 

Changing and Learning III : Thinking, Feeling, Doing (including Dispositions)

Between C&L III and IV

Transform your thoughts into action  

An Open Letter to Students -- About Thinking 

Invitation to C & L Module IV

Changing and Learning IV (Making Thinking Visible)

After  C&L IV    


Resource Portfolio: For Those Who Wish to Be Experts

... and for others who have a passion for truth and understanding. Table of Resources


Hot New Books Relevant to This Work


Training Opportunities


Becki's Foliotek Portfolios

       QEP Content PortfolioThe content of each of the modules - text and links. It also provides a place to capture reflections.

       Resource Portfolio:  Additional content that can be revised as new understanding occurs. Also for those who want to continue their learning.


Input Pages for Content Portfolio


Module 1




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